Technology for a Sweeter World


Avoid ruining your creative gelato toppings and designs with these 5 liter domed lids!

(135 per box)

* Please note that these lids will only fit our new 5 liter liners.
Eurofreddo- No need to buy an ice cream truck when you can transport your gelato in our thermal Eurofreddo container. It holds three 5 liter gelato pans.

* Please call about our "Alto Eurofreddo" - Be able to fit pans with domed lids and keep your creative presentation on the road!
Ice Cream Tubs- Our heavy duty disposable pan liners which are available with lids will make your job alot easier when you insert them in our stainless steel pans. Why wash and rinse your pans when you can use our pan liners. You can also use them to store your gelato in the freezer. Lids sold seperately.

5 Liter Liners (135)
Cone Holder - this modern metal cone holder will keep your cones in place, and ready to grab when you need them. It will also make your cones less likely to break, rather than keeping them in the box. This is a small but durable, stainless steel spatula thats curved for your convenience. These lids fit on a 5 liter pan liner and come 135 to a box.

* Please note that these lids will only fit our new 5 liter liners.

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