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Frozen Dessert University

Carpigiani's Frozen Dessert University is the world's leading provider of hands-on instruction for making Gourmet Frozen Desserts.

In line with the growing trend of in-store production of high quality gelato, ice cream, and frozen desserts, we are applying our unequalled experience and expertise to this new program, which heavily emphasizes the values of tradition and a hands-on approach as the keys to educating beginners and seasoned dessert professionals alike, molding them into expert creators of the best possible gourmet frozen desserts.

Our concept is that of fully equipping every individual or organization who is serious about American-style ice cream, Gelato, Sorbets, Water Ice, Soft Serve, frozen custard, frozen cakes, and all other forms of frozen desserts, by providing solutions and education, for the achievement of success in your own profession of business activity.

FDU Demos Criteria Guidelines

FDU Rules & Regulations
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