Technology for a Sweeter World

Mixing Tanks

Tank and Mixer

Tank and Mixer Packages are engineered and built to deliver trouble free blending and mixing. Different packages are available featuring different mixer types and either polyethylene or stainless steel tanks. All of the packages can be used to mix or blend liquids, or to suspend or dissolve solids in a wide range of industrial applications. Liquids around 500 cps and 1.2 SG can be mildly agitated at two to three tank turns per minute with these packages.
Stainless Steel Tanks

These Stainless Steel Tanks are general-purpose tanks made from 304 stainless steel. Open top, sloped bottom, cone bottom or dish bottom tanks are available. All of these tanks feature a top flanged lip for additional strength and one drain fitting up to 4”. Two inch diameter, 304 stainless steel pipe legs with adjustable bullet feet are standard.
Five-Gallon Pail Mixers

These pail mixers allow you to mix and dispense material from the same container. Each container has a dispensing valve and a locking ring that holds the cover in place, and the 5-gallon steel pail has a handle. Each model is shipped complete with a painted steel container or a 304 stainless steel container with a locking cover.
Electric Handheld Mixers

These handheld electric mixers can handle many of your toughest mixing jobs. Mortar, concrete, screed, resin mixtures, cement, plaster, fillers for floor coverings, paints, grout, lacquers, and primers can all be mixed with these rugged tools.
Mixer Mounting Stands and Brackets

Heavy-duty mixer mounting stands will accommodate drums or tanks up to 48" in diameter. All of the units are ruggedly constructed from heavy gauge plate steel and square tubing. They have a capacity of 200 pounds and will support all of clamp-mount mixer models.
Electric Clamp-Mount Stainless Steel Direct Drive Mixers

These mixers have variable speed motors that run from 35 to 1750 rpm. Single speed motors run at 1750 rpm. The stainless steel spherical clamp assembly allows mounting to a variety of applications.

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