Technology for a Sweeter World

Pastry Chef (Pastochef) RTX

Welcome to Carpigiani's third generation of equipment for the preparation of Pastry bases! Our new Pastry Chef machines are a stepping stone in excellence, a result of improvements on their outstanding predecessors. Confectioners, ice cream makers and chefs alike can now have an even more flexible instrument that meets all their production and creative demands.

PASTOCHEF RTX machines blend, cook, heat, cool, age and preserve over 100 modern sweets and pastry mix specialties, all in a perfectly sanitary fashion. Just to name a few, custards and cream for fillings, chocolate tempering for the production of assorted filled chocolates, confection of cakes, almonds, fruit jellies, ice-cream mix and shakes, béchamel and sauces.

The Pastry Chef comes in 3 different models with production capacities of 18, 32 and 55 liters (4.75, 8.5, and 14.5 gallons).

What Can the Pastry Chef Do?

20 Confectionery Programs
Pastry Chef units have a memory that contains 20 automatic programs; during every food preparation cycle, the microprocessor transmits instructions on the display in real time, gradually informing the user when he or she should add the ingredients.

5 Gourmet Food Programs
The memory also contains 5 automatic programs for the production of non-sweet creams and traditional culinary specialties.

9 Open Programs
All Pastry Chef units offer 9 open slots of memory, so you can program your own personal recipes and culinary specialties for automatic preparation.

Download Spec Sheet (PDF - 475 KB)

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