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With Maestro you can increase productivity while saving energy.

  • Transform your ice cream parlour into a “Top-quality Gelato and Pastisserie Establishment.”
  • Broaden the range of your products and expand your clientele.
  • Increase profits with just one machine.
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Hot-Cold-Dynamic® allows you to mix, heat and freeze and in the same cylinder.

Maestro**HCD automatically adjusts temperature upon quantity of product and desired style. This system monitors the ideal cold and hot temperatures for frozen desserts and pastry products.

POM Food safe plastic beater resists extreme hot and cold temperatures and includes auto-adjusting scrapers for complete extraction. Post Cooling ensures frozen dessert is cold upon extraction


9 specialized programs designed for Artisan Gelato & Sorbet.

Programs include heat treatment and age options.

Additional program for Granita.

Pastry & Chocolate

6 Pastry Cream programs:Traditional Custard, Bavarian Cream, Zabaione, Fruit Cream, Panna Cotta & Pastry Gelatin

5 Semi Freddo programs: Ideal for Frozen pastry and Ice Cream cakes: Pochee Fruit, Cooked rice, Yogurt, Infusions & Crepe Mix

3 Chocolate programs: Speed Chocolate Harden, Ganache Custard Cream & Chocolate Cream

Water filling capability delivers the precise amount of water required for mixtures and cleaning functions saving time and avoiding measuring errors.

Intuitive control panel is accessible even while adding mix.

Operations are done standing up for user comfort.

Crystal setting can be used to create frozen pastries, mono portions and packaged servings with optional dispensing door.

Complete entire Frozen Dessert production process and Pastry products in just one machine.

Create pastry ingredients, sauces and chocolates. Self-adjusting scraper can be replaced without needing a new beater.

Air-cooled version is available.

TEOREMA guarantees facilitated assistance by providing online monitoring and diagnosis on a tablet, phone or PC wherever you are.

Automatic defrost starts during power outages to avoid damage to beater

Rounded corners reduce risk of injury to operator.

Cleaning is easier thanks to high temperature cleaning cycle and removable extraction chute.

The cylinder and front panel are a continuous stainless steel for maximum cleanliness and hygiene.

Scotch-Brite treated steel is resistant to stains and fat residues.

“Postponed cleaning” program guarantees hygienic safety even during prolonged production stand-by.

Ask your Carpigiani dealer for the “Carpi Care Kit” to best maintain equipment.


10 quarts (with beater)

4/2 H.P. – Unibody w/ Replaceable blades

Condenser Air or Water
Cooling System Water Cooled has water inlets and drain connections in the rear 1/2″ MPT;
Hz 60
Ph 1
Volt 208-230
Fuse Size A 30 Amps fuse/breaker size. 22 Running Amps. 1 Feeder.


Dimension at base Depth 88.9 cm (35 in)
Dimension at base Height 141.2 cm (55 3/8 in)
Dimension at base Width 50.4 cm (19 3/4 in)
Net Weight
258 kg (560 lbs) net weight; 293 kg (645 lbs) crated weight.

All specifications mentioned must be considered approximate; Carpigiani reserves the right to modify, without notice, all parts deemed necessary. This unit may be manufactured in other electrical characteristics and may have additional regulatory agency approvals, please consult the local Carpigiani Distributor. Check name plate for exact electrical data. A dedicated electrical connection is required. Manufactured to be permanently connected. See the Electrical chart for the proper electrical requirements. Consult your local Carpigiani distributor for cord & receptacle specifications as local codes allow.