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Unique Front loading refrigerated cabinet equipped with a peristaltic pump for simple operation and smooth creamy high quality product production

A compact machine
Perfect for all shops that have limited space. C-Stores, restaurants, and coffee shops can easily serve delicious gelato, frozen yogurt and other frozen treats

It produces excellent cream gelatos and fruit sorbets together with a very good frozen yogurt

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  • Optional Configurations

    Teorema Remote Control
    Provides an e-maintenance service that lets you manage your equipment more efficiently with Real-Time Remote & in-Store: Product Quality adjustments, Clean Cycle Indication, Volumes and Remote Diagnostics
    Single portions dispensing head
    With interchangeable nozzles to make single portions and delights
    Self closing Handle
    The dispenser closes automatically stopping the flow of ice cream, eliminating any waste and preventing a mess
    Bag-in-Box Delivery System
    Kit to connect to mix bag reduces cleaning and set up

    Features & Benefits

    Flexible Mix Delivery System
    Refrigerated holding cabinet capable of pumping directly from Bags “BIB” or stainless steel 5.4 quart mix container
    Multi-functional LED Display Panel
    Soft & go will inform you about: mix temperature, consistency, status of the product and status of the mix in the hopper
    Visual alarm
    Alarms for low mix level, improper loading, cabinet door open, cabinet defrost needed, machine cleaning, etc.
    Front loading refrigerated Cabinet
    Easy access, simple to clean. Automatic defrost system, frost ventilated and cooled
    Air cooled
    Vertical ventilation with side intake and top air discharge
    Front mix filling
    Very easy mix filling directly from the front of the machine. All you need to do is open the mix container/bag and pour into the container provided or simply connect to the BIB
    Defrost system
    Cylinder defrost mode will heat the cylinder and simplify the cleaning procedure
    Overrun adjustment directly from the display
    It allows the operator to modify the overrun in a very easy way, directly from the front control panel display with no need to purchase or change parts


flavour 1
pump Peristaltic


Hopper Capacity 5.4 quarts (5 lt)


75 gr portions 180 2.6 oz portions *production capacity depends on the mix used and the room temperature
Cooling System Air
Hz 60
Ph 1
Volt 208-230
Fuse Size A 11 Amps minimum circuit ampacity


Net Weight kg 88 kg (194 lb)


Refrigerant R404


Note Soft&Go 151 Plus is produced by Carpigiani according to a Certified Quality System UNI EN ISO 9001, cETLus Listed for safety and UL EPH Listed for sanitation. All specifications mentioned must be considered approximate; Carpigiani reserves the right to modify, without notice, all parts deemed necessary.